Letters from the Admins

To Showtime


Queer as Folk fans are so thankful that you had the courage to air this on your network. It has effected us so deeply. Not only us, it changed the scope of how gay characters are portrayed on TV, and it started a dialog that was not there before, while making a stronger alliance between the LGBT community, and straight men and women. It helped teenagers, and some adults find pride in who they are, and gave some the courage to come out.

For most who watch, this isn't just a TV show. This is a testament, a lesson, a hope, a strength, our courage, and our family. This beloved show broke ground the first time it aired. It's still to this day the show that keeps on giving as it gains more fans every day.

Since whispers of a QaF reunion have been going around, fans who watched when it originally aired have come back to the QaF fandom saying they would enjoy revisiting these characters they loved so much 10 years ago. With all the reunions, reboots, and comebacks, Queer as Folk may just be one of the most important shows that needs to be revisited. If ever there was a time in history when it would be perfect for your needs, the fans, as well as the LGBT community, THIS IS the time. Not just for a LGBT show, but one that already has a built in fan base, and one that has had such an impact, some have stayed with it for the past 10 years re watching, and continuing to talk about it with new and original fans. It has garnered countless fans since it went off air, and fans who watched it 10 years ago and had moved on, are coming back to it. Just read the comments on your posts on your official Queer as Folk page on Facebook, and you will see how much this show is still loved, and how badly a QaF Reunion is wanted.

We will not give up on this. We are asking that you please consider making a Queer as Folk reunion film, mini-series, or season 6 with the original cast at the forefront and Cowlip Productions Inc., at the helm. It would be good for your bottom line, it would bring you many new subscribers, and everyone on both sides of the table would be happy, and satisfied.

It's time for a Queer as Folk Reunion! Please.


The Queer as Folk Reunion Campaign, and QaF fans worldwide

To the Campaigners

Who knew it would be this hard to get QaF back on the air with all of these reunions happening?

We sure didn't.

Our hearts ache every time we hear of yet another reunion, reboot, or comeback.

There is one thing that brings us joy in the midst of all this heart ache and confusion, and that is YOU. Our fellow QaF fans who are campaigning, and participating right along with us. We thank you deeply, and whole heartedly, because this campaign for a Queer as Folk reunion is nothing without you.

You have brought us hope, and made us proud to be part of the QaF fandom. With you guys campaigning, spreading the word, and adding your names to the list, I know we can get a reunion made, and you can stand with pride and say "I MADE THIS HAPPEN!"

With all of our gratitude, Thank you!

Your Queer as Folk campaign admins

To Showtime or to whom it may concern

To bring back Queer as Folk is one of the best decisions you could make. With it re-airing on Showtime, and streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other places online, it has gained fans, tripled its base. There are so many people from around the world from US to Italy, Serbia to Japan that have expressed that they would like a QaF Reunion to happen. So why should you film a reunion? While the LGBT community is being represented more on TV, like Queer as Folk's very own Peter Paige with his vehicle The Foster's; and also Glee, Shameless for examples, where they have main characters that are LGBT, there is a need for more. There is a need for a show that has LGBT characters as the majority, not the minority. There are some members of the LGBT community that do not feel represented in any other show but QaF, and they would like to revisit Liberty Avenue. The only place they feel welcome on TV.

Another place where QaF shows high viewership is women. Both straight, and lesbian. They feel a real connection to the show. It has brought forth many straight ally's to the LGBT community, and has helped an entire generation that will raise their children not to hate, and will also not abandon them, or treat them with disgust if they come out as LGBT. That is a powerful thing, and we have Queer as Folk to thank for it. 

Since QaF has had a resurrection of sorts, the new audience for the show is gay men. The show was groundbreaking at the time, but women watched more than men. The new generation of gay men are connecting to it more and more, which leads us to believe that not only was the show ground breaking, but ahead of its time. Fun fact: Gay men spend more on entertainment than their straight counterparts.

So who will be watching? As for women, you will have fans of the show that want a reunion, fans who do not want a reunion, but are too curious not to watch when their friends start talking about it, and women who like M/M who have never seen the show, but have heard about this reunion through social media. For men you'll have fans of the show who want a reunion, fans who don't want a reunion, but can't not watch, and men who are in need of something to watch and feel connected to or feel represented in some way, and have heard on social media about the reunion. We are hoping that the transgender community will be represented too, giving them a place to go to feel connected. 

The numbers on this could be huge. Its not like when Queer as Folk aired back in 2000. Now you have all of these outlets to advertise to. You have all of these fangirls and boys that will work their butts off to get the word out that their beloved series is filming a reunion, and when it airs they will shout it to the roof tops for everyone to watch.

Queer as Folk still has a huge following, and the show gains more fans every day. These characters are still held up as icons. This cast is still beloved, and have expressed that with the right script, every single one of them would happily come back to reprise these characters. With there being such a huge spotlight on the LGBT community right now, and QaF just passing its 10 year mark, and gaining fans on a daily basis, its the perfect storm of success.

Its time for a Queer as Folk Reunion. 

To Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman

Without Cowlip Productions Inc., Queer as Folk would have never graced American Television. Thank you for seeing Russell T. Davies vision, making it your own, and seeing it through 5 seasons.

Because of you, millions of people worldwide have felt represented, and could finally connect to something on TV. Your show was the first of its kind, and the best of its kind.

You started a dialog that had never been there before. It made many allies out of the straight world, and helped parents of LGBT children understand them better. It helped gay men and women feel more comfortable in their own skin, made them feel not so alone, and gave them courage to be themselves.

Queer as Folk changed the scope of how the LGBT community was portrayed on TV with characters that feel more like family, and storylines that opened many eyes to what gay men and women go through.

There is so much more to say, and we hope that you will with a QaF Reunion.

We miss this family that you created.

You not only changed television, you changed the world for future generations.

Thank you for your courage.

To the cast of Queer as Folk

We have heard many times how hard it was to cast Queer as Folk. No one would send their clients to audition for this LGBT show. But exactly the right people were cast for the roles they were suppose to play. All of you made these characters feel like family.

We wonder when you were filming the first season, if you knew that teenagers would sneak to their TV's so they could watch your characters, because for the first time they saw themselves. If you knew that you would be preventing suicides. If you knew that you would give courage to millions of gay men and women to come out, and/or be themselves.

To anyone who wished they weren't different, you gave them courage to finally find pride in who they are, and see that their difference was actually a beautiful thing. We know you were just saying what was on the page, but it was how you said the words. The talent, chemistry, and heart you gave these characters made all the difference. We as fans are forever grateful that for 5 seasons we had you in our homes.

We are thankful that still today we have access to Queer as Folk in many ways. This show gets new fans every day. New connections are made, parents of LGBT kids are watching, and joining organizations like PFLAG, there are more LGBT characters on TV ...and the list goes on... Its all because you guys saw something in this show, and wanted to play out these characters.

We hope that there will be a reunion so we can revisit these characters that ended up changing the world. Thank you for saying "YES" to bringing this family back together (with the right script of course).  

We as fans have enjoyed watching your post QaF careers unfold, and we will always support you whether a QaF reunion is made or not. We do hope you can add a Queer as Folk Reunion to your resume though. It could make a legitimate difference in the world by carrying on the legacy of the TV show. There is so much more to say, and all of you should be the ones saying it.

Millions trust you, and believe in you as actors to bring these characters back in the right way, and also want so much to feel that connection to your characters in something current. We know it hasn't always been easy to be the actors who played these characters, but we are so thankful that you did. You made a historical  difference in the world of television, and a palpable difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Thank you!