About this campaign

Thank you for joining our Queer as Folk Reunion Campaign.

This campaign was put together on a whim after many fans said they were sick of the petitions, and we needed to think of something more creative. It was originally a letter writing campaign hoped to be successful, and garner a QaF reunion fairly quickly. Many fans spent time, and money on this first attempt, but sadly, and extremely disappointingly, it failed.

Here we are, still campaigning for QaF. As our numbers get stronger, so do our hopes. One thing we have figured, and found out in the many months, and many conversations with professionals in the film/television industry, is that it is a numbers game to the networks. There is nothing we can say. The more fans they see, the more likely it is that they will listen. They need cold hard numbers. So that is what we are here to do.

We do have a place, in the "roll call" section, where we would like you to put your name (or anonymous) but also please comment as to why this show and/or why a reunion is so important to you, tell your story as to how this show has effected your life if it has in a major way. We have done many videos, and will do more that we'd like your participation in, we are having a contest, and generally trying to come up with creative ways to get more people involved, and get the networks attention. You can follow us on various social media sites. They are listed in the "home" section on the right.

The biggest, and best way for you to help this campaign, and get a Queer as Folk Reunion made is to spread the word. Link this website to every page you can think of all over the Internet, and just be an active participant.

Thank you QaFamily.
We get stronger, and closer every day.
I know with your help, we can go the distance.

What can you do?

If you're wondering what you can do to help get a Queer as Folk Reunion made, there are many things.

First, you should sign the roll call sheet, answer poll questions, and just be active on this site where you can. The more active it is, the more it will show there is still interest, and that goes a long way.

Twitter: Follow the Showtime Network at @showtime. You can tag them in posts about Queer as Folk, but its also very important that you favorite, RT, and/or comment on their posts about Queer as Folk. As we have said, they want to see big numbers, so when they post about QaF, it doesn't look good that there are only 50 favs. They want to see major interest, so the more of us that show the interest, the higher the chances a reunion will be brought to the table.

Facebook: Basically the same. Show interest in the show. Join the official Queer as Folk FB page (the one with the blue check), and like, react, share and comment on their posts. You can also follow Showtime Network as well. They occasionally post about QaF as they have started re-airing it a few times a year now.

Go to www.sho.com and go to their "contact us" section. Tell them you want a QaF reunion, or inquire about it.

Go to the Queer as Folk IMdB page. Rate the show, and comment. Networks actually do look at those things when deciding on a project. It looks really good when a show has great ratings, and lots of activity.

Join the campaign, stay active with the campaign, spread the word around the internet, and pass the word that if anyone you know wants a reunion, they should join us. Get friends who haven't seen QaF to watch.

If you do have any suggestions, or questions, you can contact us at folk4qafreunion@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.